"This Reagan guy is great for songs," says political troubador Joe Glazer. "You could write maybe one song about George Bush and call it "Preppie," but with Reagan it's just one thing after another." Glazer's latest album from his own label, Collector Records, is "Jellybean Blues: Volume Two," and includes such titles as "Teflon Man," "Don't Wake the President Up" and "The Giveaway Boys in Washington."

Glazer gives a concert this afternoon at 2 in Glen Echo Park to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Washington Folklore Society. He will also be part of the Museum of American History's day-long salute to Eleanor Roosevelt next Saturday.

A labor educator with both the textile and rubber workers unions, Glazer was also a labor specialist with the United States Information Agency from 1961 to 1980. His father was a union man. "We took it in with mother's milk," he says. He got his first guitar from the Sears Roebuck catalogue for $5.95, and he's been writing, singing and recording labor and political songs for over 40 years. "If you'd told me back in the '60s that I'd still be doing this when I was 66, I wouldn't have believed you," he says. "But with maturity, your timing and your instincts get better. You know how to size up a situation quickly and handle audiences better."

Glazer says that when writing or choosing songs to record, he is tough on the issues, but always above the belt. "I try to be vigorous, but not mean." he says. "I use a lot of humor, and I even get the Republicans laughing every once in a while."