Talk about local talent making it to the big time. Lisa Rich, who has been singing in area jazz clubs for the better part of a decade, has become, almost overnight, a national act. She's booked into a Norfolk venue in a schedule that includes Miles Davis; her self-produced album, "Listen Here," has been picked up by a nationally distributed label (Discovery), and a New York booking agency has taken her on. A February tour of Japan is in the works, but Rich is, at least for the moment, still available to her local fans. She'll be singing at the Blues Alley brunch today, noon to 2:30 p.m. Pianist David Kane will accompany.

The Louisiana-born, Baltimore-raised Rich recently got an opportunity to win more attention: "I was basically manning the phone at the Jazz Times Convention a couple of weeks ago in New York when Channel 5 News called and asked, 'How shall we cover it?' I boldly said, 'I'm Lisa Rich and I have an album coming out.' I ended getting interviewed with Dizzy Gillespie and Leonard Feather and they held my album up on the 10 o'clock news and my songs were the background for the entire segment. Everybody's kind of sitting around wondering how I got on."