If you don't believe "Paper Dolls," then you can believe your eyes. John Waite, who had been appearing as himself on the television series, lucked into being Taryn Blake's (actress Nicolette Sheridan's) boyfriend. Now he's out of the series and on the road (including a stop at the Warner Theatre on Saturday). Unlike many soaps and dramas, his exit was nonviolent. "I tell Taryn I'm going on the road for a world tour. I ask her to go with me and then I disappear from the face of the earth," says Waite. Taryn's mulling it over.

Although his "Missing You" single was a recent No. 1 hit, and though he's made several videos, Waite says that "Paper Dolls" provoked the most public recognition. "I can't really go out by myself anymore. Television really does give you tremendous exposure in America."

Waite, who was the lead singer for the British power-pop band the Babys, has been aiming at that exposure since he came to New York in the late '70s. "It was the only place in the world I could really start because nobody knew me. I just tried to disappear and write songs." His first solo album didn't spark much reaction and Waite actually retired from the business for eight months. Eventually he signed with a new company, and when he was recording "Missing You," he knew he had found his way back. "The moment I finished it, I stepped back and said, 'That's a No. 1' -- even if I was the only person on the entire planet to feel that way."