Portraits of Washington jazz musicians Buck Hill, Shirley Horn, Byron Morris, John Malachi and Keter Betts help make "The Annual Jazz Calendar_1985 Edition" a solid home-town affair. It was also put together here, by Richard Goines, the jazz man at Record and Tape Ltd. in Georgetown.

"It's a historical collection with birth dates of jazz musicians, their home towns and their instruments," says Goines, who would like to see the calendar used as an educational tool in schools. "The American people don't realize the great talent that has lived and died and played great music. We wanted to put as many people, known and unknown, into the calendar."

The attractive calendar, which sells for $11.95 at several area stores, is actually Goines' third; the first two were published in 1979 and 1980, "completely out of pocket. I decided to build up some capital and do the best possible calendar that could be apropos not only to Washington but to the rest of the country, so we could spread out more with it."

And that's why you'll find pictures of locals such as Abu Shariff and Lawrence Wheatly along with immortals like Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. Besides the collages that accompany each month, there are hundreds of listings. "The idea was not to leave anybody out, even if they'd played in the '30s, '40s or before that," says Goines. CAPTION: Picture, Keter Betts, from "The Animal Jazz Calendar." Copyright (c) 1984, RICHARD GOINES & ASSOCIATES INC.