* "It got to the point where people wanted to hear more of them than us," recalls vibraphonist Danny Harmon, father of Curtis Harmon, drummer for Pieces of a Dream. Danny Harmon had been using the teen-age trio for an opening act in his Philadelphia club in the late '70s, eventually disbanding his own combo and joining his son, bassist Cedric Napoleon and pianist James Lloyd. But management of the group soon took up all of the senior Harmon's time and his musical participation came to an end. The three youngsters, now in their early twenties, will be in both matinee (2 p.m.) and evening performance today at Blues Alley, playing a mix of R & B, jazz and contemporary materials.

"They didn't have a big head problem," Danny Harmon explains, "because I always told them I was the star and if I didn't have a big head, they couldn't. I treated them just like my own," adds Harmon, who has three other children besides Curtis. "I don't drink, I don't smoke and I never allowed them to when they were underage -- there'd be a fine of $100 if I caught them doing such things. It all worked out fine and now they're full-time musicians and own their own corporation."