* Watch out MTV, you've got competition! The Rowe Video Jukebox was introduced in April this year, and already there are 350 on the market. Michael Reinert, director of video operations, says Rowe developed the machine because it recognized "the tremendous impact of video music on home entertainment," and saw a problem with availability. "People could watch [video] on TV, but they weren't able to buy them . . . People were at the mercy of TV programming."

There are two video jukeboxes in the area. One is located at the Oak Tree Restaurant nightclub in Oxon Hill, and the other is at the University Arcade in Silver Spring. Marvin Glaser, owner of both, bought them because, he says, "I felt video jukeboxes were the coming thing." He also said, "We're waiting to see if this thing will last -- but I think it will."

The jukebox has a 25-inch monitor and high fidelity sound. Each contains 40 selections that are changed every month. Reinert hopes to have 1,000 video jukeboxes on the market by the end of 1985. "I see a real growth in video," he says. "People who say it's a fad are wrong. I think it's here to really expand and grow, not just stay."