"the classical world offers more depth of emotion than improvisational jazz," says saxophonist Gary Louie, who will join the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra on Saturday to play Ingolf Dahl's "Concerto for Alto Saxophone, Winds and Double Basses." The 8 p.m. concert will be conducted by William Hudson.

Adds Louie, "Dahl took four years to compose this piece. For me that music has taken a long time to compose, [so] the artist knows exactly what he means . . . You are influenced by artists, but it is very important that I keep my individualism on stage and in my music."

Louie, a native of Turkey, is a teacher at the Washington Conservatory and is also working with different artists to "end world hunger by the year 2000 by benefit concerts." The 26-year-old, who came to Washington in 1964, began playing at age 11 and later studied at the University of Michigan under Donald Sinta. Practicing up to five hours a day, Louie has no teacher but relies on his own ear -- and says he learns a lot from listening to concerts.

Saturday's performance at Fairfax High School will be Louie's second appearance with the FSO. "They are beautiful players. For a local orchestra they are incredible . . . only in D.C. could this happen," says Louie.