"I've always painted," says Meredith d'Ambrosio, whose watercolors, oils and eggshell mosaics have been shown here and abroad, "and my voice is very much like the style I paint in. I think my paintings have a pure feeling which I think my singing also has." That voice, along with d'Ambrosio's own piano accompaniment, can be heard at Cates where she remains through Saturday with bassist Steve Novosel. A sample of her painting can be seen on the cover of her latest album, "Little Jazz Bird" on Palo Alto Jazz.

Until three years ago, d'Ambrosio had appeared only in the Boston area, where she was born. She now lives in Eugene, Ore., and works all over the United States. A tour of Italy is scheduled for May and one for Japan is in the offing.

"I paint in a kind of traditional impressionistic style," d'Ambrosio explains, "all kinds of scenes -- water, pastoral, people, still life. I also like to do a lot of farms, which are important to me because they seem to be disappearing from the face of the Earth.

"You can hardly see the cracks," she says of her eggshell creations, "because I use small pieces. I paint the eggs first and I crack them and put the pieces on a board with cement one by one with tweezers. My tweezer acts as a paintbrush and it comes out to be just like an oil painting. It's kind of like pointillism."