On Thursday night, Kilimanjaro's Heritage Hall will host a benefit for RAP, Inc., the excellent antidrug program headed by Ron Clark. Headlining will be Third World jazz luminaries Don Cherry and Nana Vasconsuelas. Also featured are Nap Turner, the Lettumplay Jazz Ensemble and Mark Carey, a 10th-grade student at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Carey, who will debut his jazz ensemble, is also the lyricist on "Don't Take Another Tote of That Love Boat," the go-go band EU's anti-PCP song.

"I was in a summer program of RAP's and we were doing a project, a poetry class, working on writing techniques," Carey says. "We were asked to write something using our imaginations against PCP and drugs in general. It wasn't really all my idea, though I came up with the main line that they used. We all collaborated" with EU's Sugar Bear Elliot, who wrote the music.

"Go-go does attract a lot of people who are involved with the PCP epidemic , directly and indirectly," Carey points out. "It was meant to warn people about the effects and what could happen in reality, 'cause it is happening."

The song will get a further boost when it's heard in the go-go film being shot here, "Good to Go." It's already been used in television and radio public service announcements. "I didn't know it was going to get this far," says Carey, who plans on performing "as soon as I get out of school."