On the night of Tuesday, Sept. 10, the Jet Boys of NW were able to rock out a couple of songs at The Gentry before the owner asked them to get off the stage. "We may take them to small claims court," says manager/bass player Mitch Parker, half jokingly. "We sent them a demo tape, so they knew what we sounded like."

Just what the Jet Boys sound like is not easy to describe. They call it "independent rock," which is sort of post-new wave. Maybe like Neil Young and The Velvet Underground. A couple of nights before they open for Plan 9 at 8 p.m. Thursday in the University of Maryland's Adele H. Stamp Union building, "the campus radio station (WMUC-FM, 88.1) will have us on, so people can hear us before they come to see us -- or decide not to," says Parker, smiling. The band's songs include "Surfer Gas Pedal," "Texas Dogleg" and "True Jet Boys Speed Tales."

The band likes being an opening act. For local groups to shoot for a national record label is "rather naive," says Parker. "We split the money four ways."

The Boys include the Jones brothers -- guitarist Neil, drummer Tom and guitarist/organist Eley -- along with Parker. Since the group formed at the first of the year, they've been on a number of compilation tapes, says Parker, but "the biggest thrill is to perform live."