"They'll be pretty scary," warns storyteller Anne Sheldon of Ghost Stories for Halloween that the nonprofit Voices in the Glen will present in Glen Echo Park's Adventure Theatre on Friday at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday at 8 p.m. Sheldon will offer Robert Frost's "The Coos" Saturday in a program for adults. Leon Garfield's "The Ghostly Drummer Boy" and an Irish tale about a ghost that turns people into dogs are also on the bill. Friday's fare is aimed at children 7 and up, but some may want to have parents in tow. Narrators will include John Spellman and Elva Van Winkle on Saturday, Sharon Butler both nights.

"There is a difference in what you do with your voice when you don't have a book in front of you," says Sheldon, who spends several months learning a story, a process that entails taping herself and listening to it as she drives. "Eye contact makes for much more intensive communication with the audience and storytellers have a much more informal manner. Listening to them is more like sitting on the back porch with your grandmother telling a story of her youth. There's that immediacy. People may enjoy television but nobody ever told them they shouldn't enjoy storytelling, and they're usually very open to it."