"I don't do mime. I don't do improvisation. And there are no animals in my act . . . Okay, I've thought of it," says comedian Kate Clinton, who calls herself a "fumerist" -- a cross between a feminist and a humorist. Clinton, who appears at the UDC Auditorium Friday at 8 p.m., says friends warned her about using the term "feminist comedian." "They said it was a 'sophisticated death wish.' " Five years later she's still in business and has decided the switch from eight years of teaching high-school English is permanent.

Dressed in a black jump suit with sequined shoulders and turquoise shoes, and hair that suffers "mousse abuse," Clinton does a show in two 45-minute segments. She has recorded three albums on her record label "WhysCrack Records" and says she attracts "people who like to think, and who are up on pop culture and foreign policy. That's why I'm so excited about coming to Washington."

Washington, though, may not be ready for her. Clinton says her act is clean and even children find her funny, but adds that a crowd of young Republicans grew nervous at her political jokes at a recent college engagement. "I tell them, 'Hey, it's all part of a liberal education.' "