"The things people do for life are generally the things they do best," says composer/musician Tom Espinola, who will join former Washington-based choreographer Sally Nash and the Last Minute Wood Company in presenting her newest work, "Box 48." Espinola, who wrote the original score for the piece, was able to play all the parts by multitracking his performances on the mandolin, guitar, slide guitar, dobro, steel and frame drums, percussion, wind chimes and synthesizers. The piece is to be performed at 8 p.m. Saturday and at 5 p.m. Sunday at Mount Vernon College.

Espinola has composed and arranged pieces for orchestra, chamber ensemble, jazz and folk, but he tells us not to expect any specific kind of music as Nash's piece demands diversity. It progresses from a "melody to a Gregorian chant . . . and then to a primal percussive that doesn't have a distinctive pitch."

Espinola's ultimate challenge with the piece was "trying to translate the dancers' three-dimensional body movements into sound." By comparison, he says, "when you're doing a chamber piece, the only limitations are the instruments and yourself."

The piece, which deals with what Espinola calls "human frailties," will be performed at Florence Hollis Hand Chapel with tickets at $6 for general admission and $3 for seniors, students and children. For reservations, call 331-3467.