"My approach to my music is as a musician and as an actor," explains Melissa Berman. "When I work on a song, I'm working on it as a theatrical piece as well, as if it were a monologue or a role in a show. I approach my roles in the theater as if they were songs sometimes, too. There are certain rhythms that characters have, their own musical pattern."

Indeed, Berman's background is full of theatrical experiences, including musicals, TV, radio, puppetry and cabaret acts like the three-woman show, "Dori, Dori, Hallelujah!," she was part of last year at New York's Don't Tell Mama club.

"Of late I've been doing much more of the music circuit," says Berman, who will take her revue into the Wharf Friday. Berman will offer interpretations of songs from Fats Waller and Billie Holiday to the Beatles. Dave Unger will be on piano, Dan Hovey, guitar, Brian Bennett, bass, and Alan Wonneberger, drums.

"In some songs I may bleed a little," says Berman, "but I haven't done it for theatrics, I've done it because that's where the emotion has led me, where the song has led me. Acting is really reacting. Bertolt Brecht worked with his actors to push the pain down. I use that a lot when I'm singing."