In Israel, singer David Broza has achieved national recognition, but he says he's still struggling to make a name for himself. "I'm trying to break into another international market. It seemed like a good choice to work out of the United States," says Broza. "It was easier to find musicians to fit my music style, which is a mixture of folk -- not American folk, European folk with American rock.

Broza has been living in the United States for about a year and a half, working on both an American album and an Israeli one, and recently began a 13-week tour. He will perform with Jeremy Wall of the jazz group Spyro Gyra at the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater March 1. He has been well received at his concerts here, he says. "My music is not contemporary rock. It's very Mediterranean-oriented music. I had no expectations of American audiences to like it . . . I wanted to introduce Israeli music to a foreign audience. I think there's kind of a preconception about it."

While here, Broza is also trying to soak up American culture. American music has influenced his recent Israeli record, he says, and he is not sure how it will be received. "I don't know if it will go over in Israel. There's kind of a provincial state of mind there. But I'm an artist, so I use my experiences."