"Juggling is music -- rhythmic, visual music," says Paul Magid, one of the Flying Karamazov Brothers, five juggling jokers who neither fly nor are related. To enhance the precision of their visual music, the Karamazovs, who appear Thursday at 8 p.m. at George Mason University's Harris Theatre, have developed a form of musical juggling notation.

"A three-eighths note is a double spin," explains Magid. "A half note is a triple spin and an eighth note is a single spin. If you get good you can even read the score while you juggle."

The Karamazovs, who describe their act as "barbarian rococo vaudeville" or "vaudeville for the computer age," invite the audience to participate during the show. If brother Ivan (Howard Patterson) can juggle any three objects -- weighing more than an ounce but smaller than a bread box -- thrown on stage, he gets a standing ovation. Should he fail to keep said objects aloft for 10 seconds, he gets a pie in the face.

When not making bad puns or juggling uncooked chickens, flaming torches, hatchets, sickles, swords and two live cats, the Brothers entertain by playing brass and reed instruments a la a circus band. Accompanying the Karamazovs will be the Kamikaze Ground Crew, an eclectic seven-member band. For ticket information call 362-2940.