"We're trying to really create a cross style between go-go, funk and rock," says Doc Night, lead singer, songwriter and tenor saxophonist of Outrage. Night says his D.C.-based band's objective is to break down racial barriers by creating music that attracts a cross-cultural following. "But the number one thing is to keep people dancing continuously throughout the show," he says.

Outrage is racially integrated, but Night does not care for the generic term "two-tone." "We don't want to wave the flag . . . like 'hey, look at us -- we've got whites and blacks in the band,' " he says. "If anything, we want to have a two-tone audience.

"Go-go didn't give us enough room to expand our ideas," says Night, who adds, "we believe in breaking musical rules." The result is a sound that combines elements of funk, rock, jazz, R&B and even psychedelia. "There's nobody that sounds like us," Night says. "We're the weirdest ones."

Outrage will headline the "D.C. Hip Hop Go-Go Jam" Thursday at 9 p.m. at the Hung Jury Pub. Also on the bill will be Young Caucasians , rap master Franski, deejays Larry G. and D.J. Hollywood, M.T.A. and scratchers the Hip Hop Home Squad.