The early '60s were the last stand of innocence for the baby boom generation. And no music captures the romantic yearnings of the period better than the girl group sound. For nearly five years, the Dynettes have reclaimed that musical era of "shoop-shoops" and "doo-lang, doo-langs" by bringing the hits of groups like the Shirelles, Ronettes and Crystals alive again.

All three Dynettes -- Martha Hull, Diana Quinn and Cherie Grasso -- were veterans of D.C.'s rock scene when they got together in 1981. "At first it was just a side trip," Hull explains. "We wanted to make music that was more romantic and more fun. We wanted to do vocal harmonies, which is an extremely gratifying kind of singing."

Since 1981, the Dynettes, who perform at the Silo Inn in Olney tonight, have blossomed into one of the area's most popular acts. Not only has their repertoire grown into a joyous bundle of classic girl group oldies, but their singing and stage routines have become marvelously professional while retaining the sassy and sexy feel of bad girls. "We weren't really those type of girls growing up," Quinn says. "I was really this little bookish creature."