"We are available for weddings, clam bakes, conferences, conventions, reunions, funerals and wakes," says singer Peggy Haine of her Lowdown Alligator Jass Band. "No job is any stranger than we are and we are game for just about anything." Among Haine's non-musical jobs is her position as alternate acting mayor of Ithaca, N.Y.

While the LAJB is best described as traditional in style, its variety of approaches makes it one of the most versatile bands of its type playing today. Jelly Roll Morton and Bix Beiderbecke, Bessie Smith and Willie Dixon, Spike Jones and Fats Waller are some of the sources the Ithaca-based Alligators draw from. The band's pianist and arranger, Dan May, even added to the book a series of original pieces based on the poetry of Dorothy Parker, "Alligator Songs."

In their first area appearance, the Lowdown Alligator Jass Band will be the featured attraction Saturday for the Potomac River Jazz Club's monthly concert-dance at the Chevy Chase Holiday Inn. For more information, call 698-PRJC.

Haine, dressed in flowing feather-trimmed gown and boa, often opens a program with "Wild Women Don't Have the Blues." If Haine's stage manner strikes some as uninhibited, even irreverent, this 1960s alumna of the Even Dozen Jug Band and member of the Ithaca Common Council has a reply worthy of Mae West, one of her idols. "Even God loves jazz."