* The partnership of lyricist Ann Finn and pop music composer Julie Parsons was kind of an arranged marriage. Both were submitting their song ideas for a local children's musical production when the director decided they'd be a good match. He told them to collaborate, quickly.

"We had to write three songs in three days. By the time those three days were over we felt like we were working together for three years . . . Collaborating is like establishing a marriage," says Finn.

This month, five years and a hundred songs after their meeting, the pair took first place in the rhythm-and-blues category of the Fourth Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest with their song "Destiny." Today they will perform with their group Foxxfire, as part of an open-house review at the Kennedy Center. Foxxfire performs from 1 to 1:30 p.m. at the Atrium.

"I really like to write bitchy lyrics. It's hard to write a love song," says Finn, who prefers "songs saying 'Don't push me around.' " One recent set of lyrics is about a music groupie, called "Victim of Roll and Roll."

Finn-Parsons collaborations include the songs for a magic show opening in Annapolis called "Bedazzled," and the two hope to win or place in the First Annual Songwriters Contest for Women. An album is in the works for release later this year.

Finn and Parsons like performing, but say their prime interest is in selling their pop, country, dance and easy-listening songs to others. "Basically what we would like to see is some of our music on wax in the record store," Parsons says.