Classical music doesn't have to be serious, as pianist Victor Borge will prove when he takes the stage this Thursday and Friday at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall.

Borge isn't shy about mixing humor with music.

"I bring attention to the fact that there are two sides to everything, a humorous side reflecting the serious," he says. "After all, humor begins in front of the mirror -- we all expose ourselves in one way or another."

When Borge conducted the New York Philharmonic recently, he clowned through one piece, jabbing his baton and knocking over the music stand, but on the same stage, joined the orchestra for his arrangement of Rachmaninoff's G minor Prelude.

Borge, who recently celebrated his 75th birthday with a tour that included 12 sold-out Carnegie Hall concerts, litters his performances with observations on music. For example, he says, "Every sound is music. Drop a stone on someone's foot, and 'Ouch,' -- that's a sound. Do it three times and you have a waltz."

Both Kennedy Center concerts begin at 8 p.m. and are followed by dancing to the music of a live band on the River Terrace. For information, call 254-3776.