New Grass Revival's performance Wednesday night at Lisner Auditorium will not be their first in the Washington area, but the music will be different. Their trademark: an identifiable sound that continually incorporates diverse influences into their music. "Our interests are wide ranging and we respond to good music from all over the world," says songwriter/flat-picking guitarist Pat Flynn.

The band, which also includes multi-instrumentalist Sam Bush, banjoist Bela Fleck and bassist John Cowan, recently returned from its second State Department tour that took them to Morocco, Egypt, Nepal, Bangladesh, Calcutta and Bombay. While their tour was intended to expose other countries to American music, they brought many new sounds home.

This is also the week their new album "Hold on to a Dream" is released on Capitol/EMI Records. "This album sums us up to this date -- it's a good representation of the group," says Flynn. "And even though our southern influence is based on the instruments we play, the musical influence can come from anywhere and everywhere." Their concerts and albums feature an eclectic, high-energy mix of bluegrass, R&B, rock, reggae and jazz.

Wednesday's 8 p.m. show will also feature vocalist Nanci Griffith. For information, call 994-6800.