The water is fine, fine, fine

The soap is mine, mine, mine

Scrub and shine, shine, shine

It's my bathtime!

Not exactly the lyrics to "Sophisticated Lady," but Raffi, the 39-year-old children's entertainer and singer, understands what matters to young kids -- nature, brushing teeth, animals, food -- and his songs reflect those preoccupations.

"I think they like the songs because my attitude toward the music is upbeat and playful," he says. "I'm there to play and have fun, not instruct or direct, so the music becomes a toy."

Raffi and his group, the Rise and Shine Band, are not acid rockers. "A loud, screaming rock style just wouldn't work {with 5-year-olds}," says Raffi. Instead, the band plays calypso, reggae, country, polkas and folk music and makes use of a sound and light system.

Raffi also says he tries to keep his message "hopeful, life-affirming," and songs such as "Shake My Sillies Out" and "Let's Make Some Noise" are his real crowd pleasers. The Rise and Shine Band encourages audience interaction and many tunes are sing-alongs or involve clapping or pantomime.

The Canadian performer has been playing for kids for more than a decade. "It's wonderful work," he says. "To hear people -- especially children -- singing together is such a moving thing."

Raffi and the Rise and Shine Band will be at the Warner Theatre today. Showtimes are 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. For information, call 626-1050.