1. The Gorbachev Visit, and the signing of the INF Treaty (CNN and other networks).

2. Hearings Double-Header: Iran-contra and the Robert H. Bork nomination to the Supreme Court (CNN and other networks). Both could have been docudramas to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Constitution; but they were real.

3. "Eyes on the Prize" (PBS), moving eyewitness account of the civil rights struggle by players from both sides.

4. "Amerika" (ABC), groaning and droning, but the most proficient provoker of controversy of any fictional TV show in 1987.

5. "Donahue 20th Anniversary Special" (Syndicated), a dazzling, jet-propelled time capsule that raced through two decades of timely colloquy.

6. The Bakkers on "ABC News Nightline" (ABC). On May 27, Ted Koppel questioned fallen angels Jim and Tammy Faye and it was impossible to pry oneself from the screen.

7. "Escape from Sobibor" (CBS), best produced and most gripping TV movie of the year.

8. "Elvis '56" (Cinemax), Alan and Susan Raymond's rapt and provocative memorial to "the king" at his moment of ascendancy.

9. "Echoes in the Darkness" (CBS), shocking mini-series about terrible murders.

10. "Celebrating Gershwin" (PBS), enchanting two-part tribute to the George and Ira era.