In the Limelight column in Sunday's Show section, the date for the National Symphony Orchestra's "Meet the Orchestra" program was incorrect. The event takes place tomorrow. (Published 1/5/88)

"Teen-agers are harder to attract to classical music because they have prejudices against it," says conductor Fabio Mechetti. "When they have to face classical music, which requires concentrated listening and interpreting, it tends to be something unusual."

To make the unusual more familiar, the National Symphony Orchestra presents a "Meet the Orchestra" concert this Tuesday night. Just one of many NSO educational concerts, the program develops a theme specifically aimed at junior high and high school students. Eight selections by renowned composers -- usually short excerpts from longer compositions, prefaced by the conductor's observations -- will not only illustrate diverse styles, but also demonstrate "how the orchestra contributes to ballet, concert, opera and film, illustrating that the orchestra is an instrument to improve other art forms," says Mechetti.

"They will relate to the pieces, proving that orchestra is not just a formal and old-fashioned activity," he adds. "Hopefully we will inspire them to be regular audience members and even musicians."

The performance will also feature violinists Alexander Kerr and Yuki MacQueen, winners of the high school division of the National Symphony's Young Soloists Competition, as well as selected members of the orchestra's Youth Fellowship Program.

Tuesday night's concert at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall begins at 7. For ticket information, call 785-8100.