Mark Farner's reign of rock-and-roll terror is long over.

"We never threw TVs in swimming pools or trashed hotel rooms," says the former lead guitarist for the late-'60s raucous hard-rock band Grand Funk Railroad. "I think we were relatively mild, comparatively."

Uh huh.

"We did trash the ballroom of the Beverly Hills Hotel."

Uh hum.

"The bill was something like $20,000," he says. "We were celebrating the sale of the millionth copy of 'We're an American Band.' Todd Rundgren stuck the bottom layer {of a cake} on the ceiling. It was an expensive lesson."

Farner may not have trashed that many rooms, but he did a good job of trashing himself. At last, one day in 1983, after many years of boisterous living, his wife Lisa walked out, leaving Farner with their two sons and a cold six-pack.

"I cried in my beer -- literally," he says.

Farner sat in his northern Michigan log cabin, soused, thinking about how, after his father died, his mother similarly "took to the drink" and became "a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde."

It was a frightening reflection.

"I looked over to the kids and cried out, 'Lord, if you are real, show yourself to me!' "

And, Farner says, "He did."

Two days later, his wife returned. She had also been saved.

Four years ago, he put together Mark Farner and Common Ground, a Christian-oriented rock band. However, he still plays some of the Grand Funk standards such as "Closer to Home" and "Some Kind of Wonderful" ("I don't go out and thump people on the head {about Christianity}," he says). The band performs in bars and clubs and drug rehabilitation centers and jails -- "anywhere that will have us" -- and has recorded two albums for Frontline records. This week Farner is a feature guest at Fishnet 90, an interdenominational Christian festival at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Front Royal, Va.

Other guests will include speaker Oliver North, rap group DC Talk, spiritual heavy metal band Whitecross and gospel singers BeBe & CeCe Wynans, Larnelle Harris, Michael W. Smith and Mylon & Broken Heart. Tickets for evening programs are $14, afternoons are $18, and for the entire four-day event, $50. For information and directions call (703) 636-2961.