An incorrect date was given in Sunday's Show section for the Prevailing Winds concert. The woodwind quintet performs tonight at 8 at Washington Cathedral. (Published 8/14/90)

The Wolf Trap Opera Company will present the first of two performances of Mozart's "The Magic Flute," Thursday night in the Filene Center. Also worth noting: pianists Jeannine Morrison and Joanne Rogers, today at National Presbyterian Church; Prevailing Winds woodwind quintet, Wednesday night at the Washington Cathedral. DANCE

The Adrain Bolton Dance Company Summer Workshop presents free performances of Bolton's dance drama "Beyond Paradise" at Dance Place this afternoon and evening. Thompson & Trammell & Friends are the attraction at Dance Place on Saturday and Sunday nights in a program that includes choreography by Cynthia Thompson, Kate Trammell, Meriam Rosen and Shane O'Hara. FILM

On Monday "A Part of Me" will be shown at the American Film Institute as part of the series on black filmmakers. The family-oriented film is a positive portrayal of a friendship between two high school athletes -- one black and one white.


The songs and the generous spirit of Harry Chapin will not be forgotten as long as brothers Tom and Steve are around to pay tribute, as they do Sunday at the Birchmere.

No more Weather Report, but stormy keyboards are still Joe Zawinul's forte -- at Blues Alley tomorrow and Tuesday.

Sisterhood is musical, Part II: Christine Lavin, Patty Larkin, Sally Fingerett and Megan McDonough join forces (and occasional farces) Tuesday and Wednesday at the Birchmere.

New Rolling Stone fashion plates the Blue Nile finally make the Washington gig (though it's no longer their first ever before a live audience) -- at Gaston Hall on Wednesday.

Catfish Hodge celebrated Little Feat and Chicken Legs while uncorking his own distinctive boogie on the regional bar circuit in the '70s and early '80s. Now a Californian (and a father too), he makes one of his occasional stopovers at the Bayou on Thursday. THEATER

"Les Miserables" will be held over until Oct. 13 at National Theatre.