Now, remember: "This is not a reunion tour."

Their PR folks must have said it four thousand times. Even made a special call, just to make sure we understood.

The story is that the Righteous Brothers, those "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" guys, are playing small clubs along the Northeast corridor. They haven't toured together for a while. They haven't recorded together for a while. They own a nightclub together though, in sprawling suburban Orange County, Calif. A retro '50s and '60s kind of place, called "The Hop," where they have old friends like Chuck Berry stop by and sing a few bars.

So, maybe, that's why it's not considered a "reunion tour." These fellows see each other most every night.

"We have a show that we do there," says Bill Medley, 49, bass of the duo, "And sometimes we say, 'Let's go out and work.' " Tanned, rested and hungry for the smell of hotel rooms and the roar of the crowd, Medley and his 50-year-old cohort Bobby Hatfield took to the road. But remember ...

"It's not a reunion," he says, firmly. "It's a lot of fun. Kind of like taking your ex-wife out to dinner."

One, that is, whom you still speak to.

The Righteous Brothers have had a rebirth of sorts in recent years -- and for the most part, they had nothing to do with it.

Tom Cruise serenaded a resisting Kelly McGillis with the Righteous Brothers' makeout anthem from the '60s, "Lovin' Feeling," in the mega-macho film "Top Gun." This summer, another Righteous tune, "Unchained Melody," sets the mood for a steamy scene in the otherworldly romance "Ghost."

Plus, two years ago, Medley teamed up with Jennifer Warnes to sing "(I've Had) the Time of My Life" for the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack. The song went to No. 1 and won a Grammy, an Oscar and a Golden Globe award.

"I guess the movies have kept the Righteous Brothers alive," he says.

Well, it's certainly not because of reunion tours.

The Righteous Brothers, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Dion, the Platters, Eddie Kendrick and Dennis Edwards, and Ben E. King are performing today, from 1 to 6 p.m., at Bull Run Regional Park. Tickets are $22.50 and available by calling (800) 488-9009.