14-16. The Washingtonians, Dance Place. 14-15. Megh Dut, Kathak dance from India, Duke Ellington School of the Arts. 14-15. Richmond Ballet, Alden Theatre. 15. Thai dance, National Institutes of Health. 16. Festival of Indonesia Gala, Kennedy Center Opera House. 17. Javanese Puppet Theatre, Tawes Recital Hall, University of Maryland. 18-19. Bresee Dance Company, Kennedy Center Terrace Theater. 19. Michelle Ava and Joy of Motion, Lisner Auditorium. 21. Works by Meriam Rosen, Publick Playhouse. 21-23. Randy Warshaw & Company, Dance Place. 25-26. Royal Cambodian Dancers, Kennedy Center Terrace Theater. 27-30. Urban Bush Women, Kennedy Center Terrace Theater. 30. Lezginka, State Company of Daghestan, U.S.S.R., Kennedy Center Concert Hall. 30. Improvisations Unlimited, Studio EE, University of Maryland. OCTOBER 4. Tap dance program, d.c. space. 5-6. Tish Carter, Mount Vernon College. 5. Kathy Harty Gray Dance Theatre, Alden Theatre. 6-7. Stephan Koplowitz & Company, Dance Place. 9-14. San Francisco Ballet, Kennedy Center Opera House. 11. Union Station Dancing, New Dance U.S.A. festival free event, Union Station. 11. Karen & Alvin Duo, Mount Vernon College. 12-14. National Ballet of Maryland, Bowie State College. 12-14. Randy Warshaw & Company, Baltimore Museum of Art. 13-14. Marta Renzi and Project Company, Dance Place. 16-21. Washington Ballet, Kennedy Center Opera House. 18-20. Claudia Murphey Dance Company, Harris Theatre, George Mason University. 19. Stars of the Soviet Ballet, Montgomery College Performing Arts Center. 19-20. Richmond Ballet, Carpenter Center for the Performing Arts, Richmond 20-21. Larry Goldstein (new vaudeville), Dance Place. 23-26. Monnaie Dance Group/Mark Morris, Kennedy Center Eisenhower Theater. 26. Sally Nash and Last Minute Wood Company, Mount Vernon College. 27. Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble, Publick Playhouse. 27-28. Adrain Bolton Dance Company, Dance Place. 30-Nov. 3. Improvisations Unlimited, Studio EE, University of Maryland. NOVEMBER 3-4. John Kelly, Dance Place. 3. Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble, Lisner Auditorium. 7. Spanish Dance Society, Lisner Auditorium. 8-9. Sharon Wyrrick and Full Circle Dance Company, Kennedy Center Terrace Theater. 13. A Feast of Javanese Music and Dance, Baird Auditorium. 16. Africa Oye, Kennedy Center Concert Hall. 16-18. Maureen Fleming, "Water on the Moon," Baltimore Museum of Art. 17-18. Astad Deboo (India), Dance Place. 29-Dec. 1. GMU Fall Dance Concert, Harris Theatre, George Mason University. 30. Dance Brazil, Publick Playhouse. DECEMBER 7-8. Informal Dance Concert, Dance Studio, George Mason University. 7-9 and 14-16. Richmond Ballet, "Nutcracker," the Mosque, Richmond. 14-29. Washington Ballet, "Nutcracker," Lisner Auditorium. 15-16. Dance Place Moving Company and guest artists, Dance Place.