Imagine 300 women -- and women only -- comparing leg waxes and menopause symptoms.

That's what happens when comedian Jenny Jones gets onstage. Her "Girls' Night Out," a twisted combination of, say, the Oprah Winfrey show and Jay Leno, is a for-women-only song-and-patter revue that touches upon strictly female subjects such as childbirth, cellulite and shopping.

"It's a combo pajama party, talk show, therapy and comedy show," says the Mary Hart look-alike. "I'll bring up something like going into a dressing room at a department store, and I'll say, 'What kind of cellulite lamps do they put in here? We don't think we have any, and then we go in these dressing rooms and there it is!' And little conversations break out at the tables. Women saying, 'Yeah, that's true!' "

"I'm the unqualified therapist," she says. "But I'm cheaper."

Jones has been fiddling around in show business for more than two decades. For a while she was a one of Wayne Newton's backup singers in the Jive Sisters. She had an all-girl band in Las Vegas called Jenny Jones & the Cover Girls. She was a singer in a top 40 band and a drummer in a rock group. Oh, and don't forget dabbling as a fashion model. Then she went into stand-up comedy. In 1986 she won $100,000 on "Star Search."

Last year, she turned her act into a for-women-only show.

"I thought a lot of the women in my audiences get the jokes but the men don't. So I thought, 'I wonder what would happen if I did this just for women?' "

She's sold out every show.

"It's funny," she says, "one of the surprises for men is that it's clean. They think that because it's behind closed doors, it's dirty. It gets personal, but it's clean. Another misconception is that it's a bitching session. It's not. It's positive. Not angry. Not sarcastic."

But still. Men do get bent out of shape about it. She used to bill the act as "No Men Allowed," but there were protests in Boston, because the city has a law prohibiting restricted attendance. Sometimes men dress up in drag and try to sneak in. "Actually," she says, "they may have and I never knew it!"

Jenny Jones is performing at Garvin's Comedy Club in Washington Tuesday night at 7:30 and 9:30. Tickets are $15.00. For information and reservations, call (202) 726-1334.