ummer. David Baerwald broke his arm last week. After 14 weeks on the road. He was this close to wrapping it up, packing it in and sailing on home. And he goes and breaks his arm.

"It doesn't look like I'll be playing guitar for a while," says the California singer-songwriter-uh-guitarist, formerly of David & David. "It's a long story," is all he would offer. "But I'm going to try and play a little."

"It's funny," he says. "When you break your right hand -- like, I couldn't put my belt on. I have to call someone to get my boots off, so I can take a shower."

Well, David, there's always that nice-looking hotel concierge. You know, the one who took pity on you and invited you to come see her paintings.

"And," he says, "it makes giving autographs difficult."

Total bummer.

It's enough material to write into a song -- which is exactly what Baerwald does, sort of. He writes these soul-baring love songs. Songs that are so personal that you kind of hope they aren't about him.

I was looking at a picture

It was me and you

I think it was 1982

And you were sitting on my lap

And my hand was on your breast

And we were staring in each other's eyes

We ignored the rest

And he sings them with angst -- this hoarse, cigarette voice spilling out emotion. The acoustic guitar and frenetic percussion seem to be disguises -- sometimes accentuating the sorrow, sometimes counteracting it.

His album, aptly, is called "Bedtime Stories" (A&M).

"It started out as a joke," he says. "It was a working title that was ha ha ha. And the more I was thinking about it the more it made sense, because a lot of the songs are about people in bedrooms talking to people."

Anyone we know?

"Oh, I think so."

David Baerwald will perform tonight at the 9:30 club. Tickets are $12 and available at Ticketron. For information, call 202-638-2008.