Spin's new "Special Collectors' Issue" honors what the magazine deems "The 90 Greatest Albums of the '90s," which includes discs by local acts Fugazi and Basehead. The magazine ranks "Repeater," the 1990 album by post-punk iconoclasts Fugazi, as #36, while "Play With Toys," the 1992 disc by alternative hiphop ensemble Basehead, came in at #65.

Staffers at Fugazi's label, Dischord, say that so far, "Repeater" sales have not increased since the new Spin came out. (As of May, the album sold 360,000 copies.) "We would expect no change whatsoever," says Dischord's Amy Pickering. "Everything's as it normally is."

Fugazi guitarist Ian MacKaye, who heads Dischord Records, seems similarly unfazed. "It doesn't really splash my pond either way," says MacKaye. "I can't really relate to Spin. We're working on something and they're working on something, and it's not exactly the same thing. Spin is kind of the trumpet of the industry, so we're kind of at odds on that point."

"I rarely read Spin," says MacKaye. "Historically speaking, we won't do interviews with them." He also says that Spin hasn't always reviewed Fugazi's records.

Spin publicist Jason Roth says the magazine has reviewed some Fugazi albums. "They're more committed to not doing interviews with us than we are to not reviewing their albums," Roth says.

Basehead mastermind Michael Ivey, who is performing at a Tuesday night artist cooperative at Bar Nun on U Street NW, is more excited by the Spin honor. "I felt good about it," he says. "I'm trying to do something a little different now, and it plugged the new album."

Basehead's latest album, "In the Name of Jesus," was released last year.