To The Editor:

Re: Richard Leiby's story on "Battlefield Earth" and John Travolta [Sunday Arts, Nov. 28]:

It's silly to recite and refute the many falsehoods in Leiby's story, because more egregious and misleading are the omissions. Let me put it bluntly: The movie "Battlefield Earth" has nothing to do with the religion of Scientology. And frankly, there is no need for me to say any more. Read the book yourself. Millions have, and they will tell you the same.

It seems Leiby's real concern is that the movie will be a good one, and then he will have the problem of how that stacks up against the one-sided negative view he has been pushing about L. Ron Hubbard for over 20 years. The public will see the movie when released and can come to their own conclusions. In fact, the movie's likelihood of success is what seems to worry Leiby most. Why? It just doesn't match up with the view Leiby pushes off on your readers.

The background coverage on the church couldn't be more misleading. How about the fact that the religion of Scientology today is a worldwide movement in 134 countries? That Hubbard's works have sold more than 100 million copies? That he developed a drug rehabilitation program considered by many to be the world's most effective? The list goes on and on.

Not relevant? Of course not, at least according to Leiby. If the story of Scientology were only what he portrays, nobody would be involved. One gets the idea that Leiby considers himself far smarter and "with it" than all of the many big and successful names he lists as involved in Scientology.

But is that really the case? Or could it be that there must be more? That Hubbard's breakthroughs actually offer something beneficial, so much so that these people continue to use it, despite attacks from the likes of Leiby.



Church of Scientology International

Los Angeles

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