Letter To the Editor:

This past Sunday, while waltzing around the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo Park at the bimonthly waltz event so many of us enjoy, the topic of conversation was "What did you think of the article in The Post about the end of waltz?" If the intent of Mr. Kennicott's article ["The Last Waltz?," Arts, Jan. 16] was to fan the already burning flame of Viennese Waltz in this area into a bonfire that all could see, then I applaud him. But, if his intent was truly lamenting the loss of this most sublime of all waltzes, then I enlighten him. The waltz, and specifically Viennese Waltz, is very much alive in the Washington metro area.

The grandest ball of the year is the Viennese Waltz Ball sponsored by the Committee for Western Civilization on the Saturday of President's Day Weekend (this year on Feb. 19), held at the Organization of American States. This ball features a full orchestra performing full arrangements of classic Viennese waltzes, including introductions, retards and accelerations, free-flowing champagne and a literally towering dessert buffet with crepes made to order.

See you on the dance floor!


Alexandria, Virginia

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