To the Arts Editor:

I very much appreciate Blake Gopnik's article about the World War II Memorial ["Many Words, Little Eloquence," Sunday Arts, May 23]. With all the hoopla about this much deserved tribute, at last we have a voice of reason.

The Austro-Hungarian flavor and the bronze wreaths make for a sad contrast to the moving Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


Chevy Chase

To the Arts Editor:

Monday's obituary of Marika Roekk, the Austrian actress, singer and dancer, brought back some fun childhood memories. She was very popular in the '30s and '40s with moviegoing audiences. I distinctly recall the raucous calls our fathers and "older" men were making in the movies at the screen when Fraulein Roekk was featured -- especially when she danced. They were all shouting, "Hoch die Roekk! Hoch die Roekk!" This was a naughty pun on "long live Miss Roekk" and "raise your skirts higher!" You see, Rock in German means "skirt."



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