If you haven't had enough of the Olympics yet, try these:

"Chariots of Fire" (1981) is magnificently sentimentalized, but then so is sport, where ever so occasionally the just and the good do win out, not because they're good and just but because they're the fastest. This film, directed in full-on romantic gush by Hugh Hudson, chronicles the adventures of the British Olympic track team at the 1924 Games. The late Ian Charleson plays Eric Liddell, who became a Christian evangelical and died on a mission in China, and believed he was running for God. Ben Cross is the hyper-driven Harold M. Abrahams, who used his fury at the anti-Semitism he so frequently encountered in '20s Blighty to power his mighty strides.

"Running Brave" (1983) is much less ornate and operatic than "Chariots" and not as good. But what a great story it tells, even if Robby Benson is the vessel of the telling. Benson plays the Native American runner Billy Mills, a shy Oklahoma kid who just barely made the 1964 Olympic team as the third man in the 10,000 meters. That's a long, long way and nobody bothered with Mills; no interviews, no up-close-and-personal moments on the tube, no anything. He didn't let it bother him and in the last few yards of the 6.2-mile ordeal he came from nowhere to take the gold. The first question a reporter asked him was "Who are you?" I wish Steven Spielberg had directed, not D.S. Everett and Donald Shebib, and I wish Adam Beach had played the runner instead of the two-dimensional Benson, but the movie recalls the performance with enormous vitality.

"Cool Runnings" (1993) is everybody's favorite fish-out-of-water story, where the water is the Olympic bobsled competition and the fish are four Jamaicans who've never seen snow. But it's another best-thing-about-sports story, based loosely on a true story, where grit and guts and a little chutzpah are seen to be more important than a highly organized amateur athletic organization. John Candy plays the conman-coach who got his four young men to believe. Though they didn't win a medal, they won their dignity. The four bobsledders are well played by Leon, Malik Yoba, Rawle D. Lewis and Doug E. Doug.

Ben Cross as a driven British Olympian in "Chariots of Fire."