To the Editor:

In his July 24 article about the terrific Christopher Walken ["With Walken, There's Something in the Glare"], Stephen Hunter omitted the very funny performance Mr. Walken gave in "Mousehunt."

While the movie wasn't exactly Oscar material (and, sometimes, winners of the Oscar aren't Oscar material), it still makes me laugh out loud. Nathan Lane was great in it, and Walken's portrayal of the exterminator was dead-on creepy and outstanding.


Mount Airy

To the Editor:

In his piece on Christopher Walken, Stephen Hunter omitted that he started out as a dancer under Joe Papp in New York, and didn't mention films like "King of New York," "The Funeral," "The Comfort of Strangers," "True Romance" and "Man on Fire" as well as his dancing tour de force in the MTV "weapons of mass destruction" video, or his comic ability on "Saturday Night Live." His "Blue Oyster Cult" skit is legendary. That's alot of Christopher Walken to leave out in a profile piece while droning on about "Dogs of War."



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Christopher Walken (shown in June) killed 'em in his exterminator role.