HBO's "Rome" contains all the elements of a good turn-of-the-millennium, fall-of-the-empire drama: blood, violence, sex and, of course, plenty of open-toe footwear. The sandal-laden series follows in the footsteps of classic TV fare (PBS's memorable "I, Claudius" and the recent, forgettable "Empire" on ABC) and such movies as "Gladiator," "Cleopatra" and "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum." Inspired by this latest kicky story, we challenge you to "Name That Sandal" by matching the photo with its corresponding movie. (Okay, it's not Su Do Ku, but it's cheap entertainment if you're feeling, well, strapped.)

-- John Maynard

1. About the time the Easter Bunny comes around, this overdone biblical epic pops up on the telly featuring the gun-loving, ape-hating actor who fills these sandals.

2. In this movie, the character Comicus and his comrades Swiftus and Josephus attempt to escape the wrath of an orgy-loving emperor portrayed by fat-guy-in-a-toga Dom DeLuise.

3. This Academy Award winner about a peace-loving revolutionary portrayed by an actor who will soon appear as the Dickensian villain Fagin in "Oliver Twist."

4. Starred a bleached-haired Lothario who recently sued to have a sex video of himself taken off the Internet.

5. Starred another Lothario, who allegedly broke the heart of everybody's "Friend" for a lush-lipped seductress.

6. This pretend prophet gets outed by his mom, who tells his misguided followers: "He's not the messiah. He's a very naughty boy."

7. The classic gladiator film that introduced moviegoers to Stanley Kubrick, Tony Curtis's unfortunate accent and homoeroticism.


1. "The Ten Commandments," starring Charlton Heston -- no stranger to sandals from "Ben Hur" to his Mark Antony movie hat trick.

2. "History of the World: Part I," Mel Brooks's warped history lesson in which he portrayed Comicus, Moses, a dance-happy Spanish inquisitor and a randy King Louis XVI.

3. "Gandhi," which netted an Oscar for Ben Kingsley, who later showed his deranged range as a warped gangster in "Sexy Beast."

4. "Alexander," with Colin Farrell in the title role of the Oliver Stone box-office bomb.

5. "Troy," another box-office flop, featuring Brad Pitt.

6. Monty Python's "Life of Brian," which features Graham Chapman as a regular Judean citizen mistaken for Jesus Christ.

7. "Spartacus," featuring lots of muscular bodies and a famous bath scene (originally deleted, now restored) involving Tony Curtis and Laurence Olivier.