Cunard takes issue with Ms. Kerins' article.

It is unfortunate that Ms. Kerins did not find what she considered appropriate companionship during the first night at dinner.

However, there are enough occasions to meet people elsewhere on board if one chooses to do so. Furthermore, if she was so dismayed at her table arrangement she could most certainly have taken it up with the maitre d', who would have been more than pleased to do everything he could to change her table.

That there were no peers with similar interests at her table would not have been so disappointing to her had she done more research about what to expect on the Queen Elizabeth 2. A travel agent could certainly have helped her. The profile of a typical QE2 passenger is of a well-traveled, sophisticated and, in many cases, international citizen with a taste for luxury. Cunard has never had any pretensions of offering a "swinging singles"-type atmosphere and perhaps another vacation would have been more suitable for Ms. Kerins.

QE2 offers a leisurely and elegant pace of life but with plenty to do for most people's tastes. If anything, most passengers complain of too many choices rather than not enough.

Past passengers have also expressed surprise at Ms. Kerins' view. To quote just one of them (a gentleman who is also relatively young): " Sailing on QE2 was undoubtedly the greatest time I have ever had . . . Meeting people was not difficult at all."