Requirements: Valid passport and roundtrip tickets.

Currency Exchange Rate: 36-38 sucres to the dollar; best exchange rates obtained in Ecuador at airport or banks.

Clothing: Quito and environs have springlike temperatures, year-round. Light sweater for evenings recommended; rain gear. For jungle excursions tropical wear necessary. Slacks, jeans best for hikes. Rubber boots (boots available on boat, but some sizes in short supply). Wide-brimmed hat, poncho for rain, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent, rubber-soled shoes.

Medical Information: Consult your physician regarding medication and shots for travel within Ecuador.

Photography: High-speed films, such as 400 ASA rating. Film is very expensive, so bring plenty along. Plastic bag to proctect camera from elements.

For Oriente trip: Small carry-all bag (maximum weight 20 lbs. allowed in plane; camera gear excluded from this restriction).

Cost of Flotel trip (includes roundtrip flight from Quito; tips extra). For four-day trip: single: $565; twin cabin, $375; quad cabin, $325. For five-day trip, single cabin, $700; twin cabin, $465; quad cabin, $340. All rates are per person. There are no age restrictions, but children under 10 need release signed by parents.

Departure tax: $5.

Further information: Metropolitan Touring, P.O. Box 2542, Quito, phone: 524-400. or, in the United States: Adventure Associates, 5925 Maple, Suite 116. Dallas, Texas 75235; phone: 800-527-2500.

Background Reading: The 1981 "South American Handbook" and Lynn Meisch's "A Traveler's Guide to El Dorado and the Inca Empire, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia."