PAMELA HARRIMAN, chairperson of the political action committee Democrats for the '80s and wife of former New York governor Averell Harriman, was born in the countryside in Dorset, in the southwest of England. For 23 years, however, she has lived in America. Besides pointing out the Harriman farm in Virginia on Goose Creek as a constant source of pleasure, she has chosen three particular trips as some of her favorite vacation memories:

* A pack trip in the sawtooth mountains in Sun Valley, Idaho: I went there with my three grandchildren who were 8, 9 and 11 in July of 1975. We drove up the Snake River and when we could drive no farther, we took helicopters. It was 80 degrees in the daytime, but there was still snow on the peaks. We lived in the tents and every day took a side trip into the mountains. It was fabulous. The silence was extraordinary. It was wonderful to wake up in the morning and fish for trout and cook your own breakfast.

* Christmas in Rome, back in the '50s: To be in that beautiful city, filled with the feeling of history and see the pope talking in the square is a very special time, to anybody, Catholic or not.

* The first time I came to America, Christmas, 1945: I came out of Europe at a dark and difficult time and arrived in New York on the 23rd of December. I went to see the thousands of lights on the Christmas trees all down Park Avenue.It was beautiful and exciting after five years of war-torn Europe.