Michael Deaver, White House deputy chief of staff, likes vacations with any kind of fishing, hunting. "The outdoors is the place I really like to be," he says. "I don't care if I'm able to catch the fish or shoot the bird, it's just being outdoors."

* Yosemite: would be one of my favorite places. One of the real reasons is because Carol and I were married there 14 years ago this July in the chapel on the floor of the valley. Yosemite is very beautiful, one of the most beautiful places in America. That was the first time I was there. The second time I was there was when men walked on the moon. They were two very exciting times in my life.

* East Africa: In 1962 I was on safari there outside of Arusha, in Tanzania. It was Tanyanka at that time, before it was independent. I've always had a love of the outdoors. Wildlife and animals are so exciting. We saw cape buffalo, lions, leopards. The first day out we were in a Land Rover chasing a herd of cape buffalo, and our left front tire hit a lightning hole, and tipped over with all of us in it. We were dozens of miles from camp waiting in the hot sun, but we got the buffalo. My partner had wounded it so we finally caught up.

* Turkey shooting in Quantico, Va.: This year for the first time in my life I went turkey shooting, and believe it or not I was more nervous when I finally saw my first turkey than I had been chasing buffalo. It was 8:30 and we'd been there since 5, and I missed the turkey. It takes a lot of patience. We saw deer, owl, woodchuck, squirrel, and rabbit in the space of that three hours. You have to sit very still, and the wildlife just goes by you. I went three or four times during the season, and spent 15 or 20 hours, but I didn't get anything.

* The ruins of Tikal in the jungles of Guatemala: I had been to Guatemala to do some fishing and hunting, and to see a friend, and he suggested the sidetrip into Tikal, which was a whole city that had been buried in the jungle. When I was down there in 1965, they were just beginning to unearth it. Now I think there's a hotel there, but then there were no other tourists, and I stood at the top of the pyramids, and crawled through the layers of the city. You could still see the tops of pyramids in the trees.

* Lake Tahoe: I think, has to be my favorite place to relax. There's a serenity about that lake for me, that helps me to recharge my batteries, and sort things out. I associate it with times I'm with family without interruptions. It's wonderful -- the mountains, the sunsets on the lake. I've always stayed on the California side. This year I think we're going to stay in a house on the Nevada side, but I always try to get a house on the lake.