For Easterners, the easiest route to the Navaho Reservation is by plane to either Albuquerque or Phoenix, and by rental car from there. The sturdier the vehicle, the better; reservation roads can be extremely rough. There are campgrounds at Navaho National Monument, Monument Valley Tribal Park Window Rock and Canyon de Chelly National Monument. Every major reservation town has a motel or two. A little reading about Navaho culture can make a reservation visit a hundred times more meaningful. Oliver LaFarge's "Laughing Boy," Berard Haile's "Beautyway," and Frank Waters' "Masked Gods" are all quite good.

Travelers headed toward Arizona and New Mexico will be able to see native American rodeos throughout the summer and fall.


16-18 Lukachukai Mountain Roundup Rodeo--Lukachukai, Ariz.

24-25 Rock Springs Rodeo--Rock Springs, N.M.


7-8 Wild West Exposition Rodeo--Pinon, Ariz.

12-15 Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial--Red Rock State Park, Gallup, N.M.

21-11 Nageezi Rodeo--Nageezi, N.M.

21-22 Akaii Tsoh Rodeo--Sawmill, Ariz.


4-5 Tony Ramone Rodeo--Little Water, N.M.

9-12 36th Annual Navajo Nation Fair--Window Rock, Ariz.

24-26 AIRCA Championship Finals Rodeo--Fort Defiance, Ariz.

25-26 Burnham Rodeo--Burnham, N.M.


2-10 NNRCA Championship Finals Rodeo--Farmington, N.M.

15-17 Western Navajo National Fair--Tuba City, Ariz. For information about festivals, art shows, theater and other Navajo Nation events through 1982, call or write the Recreational Resources Department Visitor Services at P.O. Box 308, Window Rock, Ariz., 86515; phone, 602/871-6647.