Harry Bagdasian, artistic director of the New Playwright's Theatre, recalls: "A couple of years ago I realized I could take vacations. I was exhausted." Now he has two favorite places:

Cape Cod: "The first long vacation I took was four years ago. My wife Robbie and I went to Cape Cod for 10 days. It was fabulous. We had a house in Harwichport right on the sound with our own private beach. All the neighbors are friendly, and it's very quiet. I'm able to write there and have time with my wife. Working in the theater, there's not a lot of personal time."

Bermuda: "I thought Cape Cod was heaven until I discovered Bermuda. My wife's grandfather was English and was born in Bermuda. So was her great-grandfather and her great-grandmother--a whole lineage that goes back to the 1700s. We went there for 10 days in May 1981 and stayed at a guesthouse in Warwick Parish. It was far away from the theater and very, very peaceful. A different culture, and a wonderful escape. My wife taught me how to snorkle, and I found that swimming with fish was the most relaxing thing I did in my life. We were really partial to West Whale Bay up at one end of the island--sometimes it was absolutely deserted. It's a pretty high-pressure job maintaining this theater, and the tranquility I found in Bermuda is unsurpassed."