Actress Liv Ullmann lives half of the time in Norway and half in New York and lists as her favorite places:

* As far north as you can go in Norway in August: Because of the sun, the light, the fjords, the mountains; the contrast between deep, deep fjords and high, high mountains; the sun 24 hours a day. This is a place you find when you are mature, when you look for the beauty of landscapes.

* Mountain landscape in the winter in Norway: I grew up close by, in Trondheim. I would go to the mountains then because of the whiteness of the clean snow, the peace, and the sound of the snow crackling when you walk or ski on it. The trees, bending with the weight of the snow, all look like different shapes and make beautiful images. In those mountains there are no ski lifts and no luxury hotels.

* Sandefjord in the south of Norway, where I have my little summer cottage: Because of the colors of the flowers, the clean salt water to swim in, the happiness of a little village welcoming summer guests; and the summer guests enjoying fishing in one of our fjords. Everybody would have their own cottage, and fish for their own dinner, or pick up blue shellfish to eat by the cliffs of the water. Then for dessert you have the wild berries you pick everywhere, as you sit on a cliff and salute the sunset with a glass of ice-cold Norwegian acquavit.

* A little village by the sea in Italy: It could be one of many villages, where everybody has time for each other, where there is no stress; and where the conversation is less on bank accounts and success and more about the growth in the garden.

* I would love to travel all over the United States: Because the people are so friendly (and I have experienced that homes are open to foreigners here); and because so much has happened in this country that one can see and touch; and because there are still so many possibilities of change to experience. I love this country because it is everything the world is about today. It is so many different people representing all nationalities. I really simply love America -- walking down the street to the theater, here in Washington, makes me smile because I feel home.