Choreographer Choo San Goh, assistant artistic director of the Washington Ballet, travels extensively for his work. Recently he was in Venezuela, creating a ballet for the Caracas Ballet. Earlier professional trips this summer took him to Paris, Israel, and to Italy, where he joined the Washington Ballet on tour there. His favorite vacation destinations include:

* Rio de Janeiro: "Apart from the physical beauty -- of the mountains, the beaches -- there's a very special warmth in the people, and the unmistakable Latin American flavor of the city is very infectious."

Venice: "A totally unique city. I enjoy walking through the narrow streets. There are no cars, no motorcycles, no Vespas. People have to walk everywhere or go by water or by boat. There is no pollution, which is a big problem in the other Italian cities."

* Paris: "Very much a favorite. It's the strength and power of the city itself. The architecture is so outstanding; it gives a very masculine feeling. It's a vital city."

Lugano, Switzerland: "On the north shore of Lake Lugano, you're surrounded by mountains and overwhelmed by sheer physical beauty."

* Penang, Malaysia (near his birthplace of Singapore, where he will be with the Washington Ballet in December): "It's very, very slow-paced. Unspoiled. It's the best place to relax."