Capt. Helge Brudvik, 44, of the Royal Viking Sea, will complete a series of seven two-week cruises between San Francisco and Alaska later this week. On his own vacation, he says:

"I go home to Norway to see my family in Bergen. I have a cabin in the mountains. I like to go up there on weekends for fishing, for hunting, for walking, for relaxing.

"My cabin is four hours from Bergen near Fossli on the Hardanger Plateau. It has three sleeping rooms, a small kitchen and a living room with a fireplace. There's no electricity; we can eat by candlelight every night. It's heated by wood. And I have to get water from the stream nearby. The forests are pine and beech.

"I have a boat close to my home in Bergen. I can go deep-sea fishing from there nearly everyday. Then there's a lot to do at home. You have to do some painting, some fixing and look at your wife once in awhile.

"I'm not one of those who goes cruising when I'm on a vacation. I see so much salt water during the year, the mountains make for a great change."

"Last time I was aboard for five months on a world cruise. Then I went home for a vacation for two months. My wife has come aboard twice in the past two years, once for three weeks and one time for four weeks. She likes that. The children can come, too, when they are on a holiday.

"I have a few favorite ports: Rio de Janeiro. It's a wonderful natural harbor with the monument on the mountain top. It's a very nice city. Sydney is very nice with the opera house, and San Francisco with the Golden Gate. And Bergen is a nice city, too -- you have to be a little bit patriotic."