After his latest vacation, to Alaska, Secretary of Transportation Drew Lewis has now visited all 50 states. It was the first vacation he'd taken in quite a while: campaigning, administration transitions and new Cabinet duties kept him busy; then last year, when he planned to leave, the air traffic controllers strike kept him in town.

"I think a vacation means a diversion from what you've been doing routinely. When I get away to my farm in Pennsylvania, where I have a small herd of Herefords, I'm on a tractor doing work in the fields or on the farm. That's a lot better than sitting at the desk worrying . . ."

* A recent train trip, first taking Amtrak from Chicago to Seattle, and then the Alaskan railroad to the 7 1/2-million-acre McKinley (now Denali) Park in Alaska: "It was an extremely relaxing ride, and it arrived right on time. I got to finish two books and just enjoy the countryside." Secretary Lewis observes that the park has one of the most natural balances of wildlife: wolves keep down the number of moose, and there are grizzly bears, sheep and caribou. During his 10-day stay he fished for king salmon and cutthroat trout.

* National Parks: They are high on his list of preferred destinations, and include the Grand Canyon, Glacier, Mt. Rushmore, Muir Woods (a national monument of coastal redwoods in Mill Valley, Calif.), and Yosemite -- even though "It's so darn crowded."

* Bermuda: "When I just want to sit on the beach and play tennis. I love its beautiful coral beaches, the countryside and the climate."

* China: Where he went for about a month in 1976, just after Mao Tse-tung's death, after years spent reading about the country. "It's always fascinated me. Ours was one of the first American groups to visit the tomb. It was an educational trip more than anything else. I was fascinated by the tremendous difference in culture -- it's much more primitive than Japan, and not as industrialized or developed."

* Israel: A 10-day trip to Israel in 1980 was interesting "because it's such a vibrant country and people, and because of what they've done with barren soil. It's a country of roots, basically a founding place for the three most important religions in the world. So much of history of our present world started there -- the modern history of the last 3,000 years."

* "My farm in Pennsylvania: If I want to relax that's where I go to put my feet up."