You can fly to Bermuda on Eastern, American, Pan Am and Delta airlines, but only Eastern offers nonstop service from the Washington area. It departs daily at 11:30 a.m. from Baltimore/Washington International Airport.

Bermuda's tourism operates on two seasons, with summer high-season rates in effect from mid-March through November. There is a wide range of accommodations. The Princess Hotel in Southampton has summer rates that range from $70 to $100 (per person, double) and include breakfast and dinner; winter rates at better hotels run $60 to $70 (double, per person). At the Lantana Colony Club, a cottage colony, summer rates with two meals are $70 to $94, $57.50 to $69 a person off season.

Smaller hotels, such as Stonington Beach in Paget, which serves just breakfast, charge summer rates of $42.50 to $67.50, and $42.50 to $50 in winter. Guest houses, which also serve breakfast, such as the Granaway Guest House in Warwick, cost $20 to $25 a person summer, $15 to $21 winter. Housekeeping cottages with kitchenettes, such as the Astwood Cove in Warwick, charge $30 to $40 through Nov. 16; winter, $25 to $30.

Bermuda offers a wide range of dining, from the expensive and elegant dinner with bottle of wine at $80 to $100 for two, to English-style pubs.

Ferries leave every 15 or 20 minutes from Hamilton, charging $1 for stops in the harbor, $2 for rides out into the Great Sound.

Further information from the Bermuda Department of Tourism in New York; phone (212) 397-7700 or write 630 Fifth Ave., New York, 10111.