As president of the National Symphony and as a tax attorney and senior partner in a Washington firm, Leonard Silverstein travels frequently.

Since there is so much business travel associated with his work, Silverstein says that for vacations he "seeks a different environment -- sometimes as an addition to a business trip."

* France: "I have to be in London or Paris twice a year as chief editor of Tax Management, a publication of the Bureau of National Affairs. Typically, my wife and I then add on a week or 10 days for a vacation in Paris and a different region of France. One favorite spot is Beaulieu-sur-mer on the Cote d'Azur, a small, quiet port with a very good hotel. I've discovered that places which may not be terrifically exotic nevertheless appeal to our needs for relaxation. A year ago we went to France for a month. Both of our grown children joined us later -- it was the first and only time I've had a vacation of that length."

* Bermuda: "In my case it is an island unrelated to business and we go there at least yearly for tennis."

New York: "We have a pied-a-terre in Manhattan because I'm there so much, but often my wife and I will spend a weekend there . . . We've found there's a different sense about having your own place as compared to staying in hotel rooms. There's no city like Paris but, still, there's no place like the United States."